Hotel services

Hotel services

Veterinary clinic “Blue Cross” has a luxury hotel for pets.
The hotel has central heating and ventilation. It is distinguished for its flawless hygiene, quality food and also individual places for every animal.
The dogs go for a walk twice daily.


In the hotel cats, rodents, birds and reptiles are received also.



Dog up to 4 kg. 17lv./24 hours 
Dog from 4 kg to 25kg   20lv./24 hours 
Dog from 25kg to 40kg 25lv/24 hours
Dog from 40kg to 60kg 30lv/24 hours
Dog over 60kg 40lv/24hours
Cats 12lv./24 hours 
Rabbits  10lv./24 hours 
Hamsters, guinea pigs  8lv./24 hours 

*The price includes food and for the dogs the walk too.


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