The clinic has three separate kennels:

- Kennel for large dogs

- Kennel for cats and small dogs

- Isolation area / entirely separate kennel for the patients with infectious diseases/.

For hospitalized patients vets are caring 24 hours a day!

Ensuring day and night intensive care is exclusively important in many cases and brings to good outcome in many diseases:

- heavy surgical interventions, requiring postoperative pain management / surgery ofthorax, orthopedic surgery, mastectomy /.          

- surgery of digestive system / gastric volvulus, foreign body in stomach, intestines /, in which intensive fluid therapy and gradual introduction of feeding are needed.

- operations of urinary tract, which require continuous monitoring of the excretory function of the kidneys.

- contagious diseases with severe signs / parvovirosis, panleukopenia, infectious hepatitis /-in which permanent

monitoring of the condition of the patient, its indices and correction of the applied treatment is needful.

The clinic offers 24 hours free of charge inpatient care for all post operative patients. This ensures complete recover of the anaesthesia, under constant observation of a vet, following all vital indices and functions.