The surgical department is one of the busiest in Veterinary Clinic “Blue Cross”.

We perform numerous surgical interventions in the field of the soft tissue surgery, orthopaedics, thoracic and neurosurgery.

We have the experience and the equipment for performing thoracic /lungs, esophagus, trachea/ and cardiac surgery, endoprothesis of hip joint and reconstruction of bones in complex fractures.

We perform complex neurosurgical procedures, like decompression of the spinal cord in vertebral disk diseases, etc.

We offer all kinds of techniques in the soft tissue surgery.










Our surgeons work in close contact with the other departments of the clinic- anesthesiologist, emergency care, intensive care, internal diseases, in order to provide complete and high-quality service to our patients.

We use a large number of anaesthetic schemes, including inhalational anaesthesia with isoflurane, depending on the patient’s status and the type of the surgical procedure, which is done. Every patient under anaesthesia is continuously observed by an experienced anaesthesiologist, as all the vital indices are monitored with the respective equipment.