Orthopedics and Traumatology

Orthopedics and Traumatology

The surgeons of “Blue Cross” veterinary clinic treat excellently almost all orthopedic diseases and traumas. They are in close contact with the other specialists of the clinic team (radiologist, sonographer, neurologist), which leads to high percentage success rate of these usually life-threatening cases.

We strive to introduce new operative techniques, some of them for the first time in the country. In the veterinary clinic “Blue Cross” we usually operate:

Hip dysplasia, performing:

-Triple pelvic osteotomy(TPO)

-Total hip replacement(THP)

-Femoral head ostectomy – using a method permitting successful procedure in patients over 45 kg.

Elbow dyaplasia:

-Fragmented coronoid process(FCP)

-Osteochondritis dissecans of the distal humerus(OCD)

-Ununited anconeal process(UAP)

-Incomplete ossification of the humeral condyle(IOHC)

Traumas of the stifle, patellar luxation and ruptured patellar ligaments, performing:

-Tibial plateau leveling osteotomy – changes the mechanics of the stifle to achieve stabilization of it.

-Tibial tuberosity advancement(TTA) –new technique in the world with excellent results.

-Reconstruction with artificial ligaments (Lateral suture)

Corrections of congenital abnormalities of the bones and joints:

-Congenital luxation of the elbow joint

-Elbow luxation or subluxation caused by premature closure of the distal ulnar or radial physes.

Bone fractures, performing:


-Endoprothesis in different methods

Reconstruction of ruptured ligaments and tendons.