Veterinary clinic “Blue cross” has a great experience in the diagnostics and therapy of large number of different types of cancer/lymphomas, mastocytomas, mammary gland tumors, splenic neoplasia etc./.

The key point here is the early diagnosis and surgical removal and postoperative therapy.

When a suspicion for cancer occurs, first its location has to be found, then is taken a fine needle or excisional biopsy and the sample is sent to an experienced pathologist. After the final diagnosis is made, if the tumor is operable, surgical intervention is done using different techniques including plastic procedures of skin and soft tissues. If the tumor is not operable the therapy which is started aims to lengthen the life and to reduce the pain of the patient.

If the pet owner wants, the clinic team can provide different types of chemotherapeutical schemes for cancer patients in order to suppress the process or bring it to remission.


Main purpose of the doctors of Veterinary clinic “Blue cross” is to explain to the owner of the patient, as understandable as possible, the nature of the disease, to give an adequate prognosis for its development and to be chosen the most beneficial therapy.