Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Veterinary clinic “Blue Cross” provides a large number of procedures and services in the field of the obstetrics and gynecology of pets. We have an excellently trained and experienced team.

-Assisted parturition: when the birth is normal and You want the whole process to pass under medical observation.

-Cesarean section: when the natural birth is impossible because of breed characteristics /English Bulldog/ or anatomical abnormalities /narrow birth canal/.

-Caring for newborns: the clinic has extensive experience in growing neonates. This is where the female does not have enough milk or not making adequate care for young.

-Diagnosis of pregnancy: a sonographic examination.

-Determination of ovulation in bitches: with cytological methods or study of hormones.

-Artificial insemination in dogs.

-Pyometra: the purulent inflammation of the uterus is a common and life threatening condition. When not treated in time it leads to damage of other internal organs such as kidneys, heart. The clinical signs are various: increased intake of water, vaginal discharge/ can be from bloody to purulent/. The owners often mistake it with an estrus, because the males show an increased interest to the female. The diagnosis is based upon sonographic examination.