Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine

The clinic covers all the profiles of the internal medicine: endocrinology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, nephrology and urology, allergology. We have two consulting rooms, endoscope and ultrasound department.


-Gastroenterology-we use all the modern methods for diagnosing and treatment of the diseases of eosophagus and digestive system. Here is diagnosed and treated all the diseases of liver and pancreas too. In our highly developed dietary department our clients can be consulted for the feeding schemes of their pet and can be made individual diets in concern with the disease and status of the patient.


-Endocrinology-we are supplied with modern facilities for diagnosing and long time monitoring of patients suffering diabetes mellitus, hyper- and hypoadrenocorticism and other hormonal abnormalities.


-Nephrology and Urology- we provide diagnostics, treatment and prevention of the diseases of kidneys and urinary tract. We use all the modern methods of laboratory, imaging, functional and invasive diagnostics of these problems. The clinic is leading in the conservative and operative treatment of the lower urinary tract diseases of male cats, the operative and conservative treatment for calculi in the kidneys, acute and chronic cystitis, prostatic diseases.


-Respiratory diseases-we provide medical programs for treatment of feline asthma, bronchitis, pneumonias, pulmonary embolism, lung carcinomas.


-Allergology-diagnostics, clinical observation, examination and treatment of patients with asthma, allergic syndromes, food, parasite, drug and cosmetics sensitivities.