Dear colleagues,


We offer You our partnership for successful treatment of complicated surgical, orthopedic, oncologic and cardiologic cases. We take the treatment of the patient for a definite part of it, and afterwards You continue and finish it.


Advantages for You:


-We help You in making more correct and precise diagnosis with the means of our imaging department and clinical laboratory.

-You provide Your patients a complete service- sharp diagnosis, treatment scheme, sophisticated surgical intervention.

-You are sure for prognosis of your treatment as the time passes.

-You personally can be present and take part in the diagnostics and treatment while the patient is in our clinic.

-You receive daily information for the patient sent by You.

-By all means the patient continues the treatment at your practice.

We proved through the years our honesty and fellowship. If You are interested of a constructive and contiguous partnership of mutual benefit and also for more information please call: 0898502295