Many breeds dogs and cats have their hair cut by esthetic or medical reasons.

We offer You a whole list of cosmetic and grooming procedures:
- Haircutting
- Trimming
- Mask with american professional cosmetics of All System
- Bathing, drying and brushing

The grooming is by appointment only!


Price list: 

Cat-Haircutting  40.00lv
Cat-Bathingand brushing  30.00lv
Cat-Nourishing mask  
Dog up to 10 kg-Haircutting  30.00lv
Dog up to 10 kg-Bathingand brushing   45.00lv
Dog up to 10 kg-Nourishing mask  
Dog up to 10 kg-Trimming   
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Haircutting  40.00lv
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Bathingand brushing  55.00lv
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Nourishing mask  
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Trimming   
Dog over 25 kg-Haircutting  50.00lv
Dog over 25 kg-Bathingand brushing  70.00lv
Dog over 25 kg-Nourishing mask  
Dog over 25 kg-Trimming