Grooming salon

Grooming salon

We accept all kinds of pets and all their challenges!


The Blue Cross Grooming Salon offers the following services:        

- Grooming with clippers

- Grooming with scissors

- Stripping

- Removing tangled and matted fur

- Bathing with professional cosmetics, specially selected for the needs of your pets

- Treating with high quality balms and perfumes to achieve

optimal results

- We accept all kinds of pets


Why Bring Our Your Pets to a Grumer?

- Washing, shaving and trimming contributes to the comfort and aesthetic look of your pet

- Removing the dead, old coat - lack of premature removal and layering can be the cause of development of various skin diseases

-Opportunity to check for parasites / fleas, ticks /

- Opportunity to test for skin diseases

- Checking the condition of the eyes and ears - if necessary, clean and remove excess hair



Katerina Simeonova will take care of the perfect appearance of your pet.



Price list: 

Cat-Haircutting  40.00lv
Cat-Bathingand brushing  30.00lv
Cat-Nourishing mask  
Dog up to 10 kg-Haircutting  30.00lv
Dog up to 10 kg-Bathingand brushing   45.00lv
Dog up to 10 kg-Nourishing mask  
Dog up to 10 kg-Trimming   
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Haircutting  40.00lv
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Bathingand brushing  55.00lv
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Nourishing mask  
Dog  from 10 to 25 kg-Trimming   
Dog over 25 kg-Haircutting  50.00lv
Dog over 25 kg-Bathingand brushing  70.00lv
Dog over 25 kg-Nourishing mask  
Dog over 25 kg-Trimming